Tree and Stump Removal

Whitlow Tree & Stump has been in business since 1999.


We are proud to have more than a decade of experience safely removing trees, trimming trees, and removing stumps. We also offer guidance and tips for new tree planting and tree health.

We are licensed, insured, and locally owned and operated in Punta Gorda, Florida and offer some of the most affordable pricing around. Not sure if we service your area? Give us a call!  We handle all sizes of tree projects with safety always top of mind, and our great customer feedback keeps us energized and thankful every day. We are grateful for such great folks in our communities.

Part of our great customer service includes our availability. We are there for you when you need us. For emergencies, we are open 24/7. Dead or fallen trees are hazards that need to be taken care of quickly and we are the crew you need at a moment’s notice. With more than 10 years of industry experience, we can safely take care of emergencies. We aim to provide quality tree service and create lasting customer relationships. We’re always eager to help and problem solve any concerns. From free estimates to free consultations, you’ll find us going the extra mile to ensure your needs are met.

Tree Removal in Punta Gorda, Florida

There are numerous reasons to consider tree removal, such as clearing space for new development, averting potential property damage, addressing pest and disease concerns, or simply due to personal preference. However, this task should not be entrusted to just anyone.

Tree removal can be hazardous if executed improperly or without the necessary experience. Therefore, the safest option is to rely on a professional. At Whitlow Tree & Stump, we are not only the wisest choice but also the most economical one.

We provide tree removal services for both residential and commercial clients in the Punta Gorda, Florida area, including emergency tree removal situations. Discover why we are your premier choice for these services.

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